[eigen] How many enum/flags need to set for the Reshape traits?

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Hi all,

I am still working on the reshape functionality.

My code was heavily copied from the Block.h.
In my previous code. I copied and tried to modified some value.  But I am not very sure how many enum value should be assigned in the traits class. and I am not know the detail meaning of each enum value.

So I decide to figure out the detail meaning of every enum value and recheck my code from scratch, and maybe try to implement the direct access specialization.

I found two list for enum values, and the flags.
Those are enum values defined in DenseBase's traits class. 


1. RowsAtCompileTime
2. ColsAtCompileTime
3. SizeAtCompileTime
4. MaxRowsAtCompileTime
5. MaxColsAtCompileTime
6. MaxSizeAtCompileTime
7. IsVectorAtCompileTime
8. Flags
9. IsRowMajor
10. CoeffReadCost


1. ActualPacketAccessBit
2. AlignedBit
3. DirectAccessBit
4. EvalBeforeAssigningBit
5. EvalBeforeNestingBit
6. LinearAccessBit
7. LvalueBit
8. PacketAccessBit
9. RowMajorBit

My question is this list complete? The Reshape's traits class is complete if those enum values are defined? or is there a list for the enum values of traits class?

Thank you all.

yoco at zillians
Artificial Intelligence Lab
National Tsing Hua University

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