[eigen] Re: Release 3.2.1?

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Rhys Ulerich <rhys.ulerich@...> writes:

> I see an issue in the unsupported
>     641 - kronecker_product (Not Run)
> and one in the supported
>     562 - metis_support_1 (Not Run)

Can you give some more details? "Not Run" indicates a build error, so there
should be error messages from the compiler.

Regarding metis, I found that it failed on my system because the metis.h
include file in fact comes from Scotch, and (as that file noted) is
incompatible with the metis.h from metis (some functions return void in the
Scotch metis.h and return int in the real metis.h). That does not seem to be
our fault.

The metis_support failure on 'cactus' on the CDash dashboard is caused by
metis.h including mpi.h which does not exist on that computer; again
probably not our fault.

The gmres and minres test failures were already there in 3.2.0.


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