Re: [eigen] Release 3.2.1?

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> The 3.2.1 release will be directly made from the head of the 3.2 branch,
> which corresponds to the changeset id: c806cb9f0d84

Thank you.  I've got results for GCC 4.{5,6,7,8} and Intel
{11,12,13}.1 up on the dashboard on 2014-02-14 under site name setun.
Things possibly of interest:

GCC 4.7.3 fails on the supported sparselu_2 test
Intel 12.1 is a disaster on my host 'setun' with results not all that
different from host 'devel09'.
The unsupported OpenGL stuff contributes a lot of build failures
across Intel 11.1, 12.1, and 13.1.

To filter down to just the cases I ran, you can view
which gives a decent compiler-by-compiler view on the same build machine.

- Rhys

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