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On 16.01.2014 13:40, Jitse Niesen wrote:

This message is prompted by a recent question on the forum about the
LeastSquares module, which was in Eigen 2.0 but removed from 3.0.

People still find the Eigen 2.0 documentation (presumably via Google,
but there is also a link on our wiki). Do we still need Eigen 2.0?
Should we remove it from our website, or put a big notice that it is
For reference, Eigen 3.0.0 was released in March 2011, 3.0.1 in May
2011, and 3.1.0 in June 2012.

I'm against removing it entirely, as there is a chance people want to compile old software which depends on Eigen 2.0 (by that measure three years are not that much). But I second marking it as outdated and maybe making the links to the library and documentation appear less prominent.

Following on, what about the Eigen2 compatibility mode in Eigen3? I
doubt this is being tested properly. Are people still using it? Should
we deprecate it in 3.2.1 (which we will probably release fairly soon?)
with a view of removing it in 3.3?

I have no idea how much this is still used. If people follow our suggestion, they should only be using it for transcending their old software to Eigen3, so we will hardly find released source code which depends on it. I once tried using it, but I had used to much 'internal' things like names of return types, which essentially made the compatibility mode useless for me (and I just converted everything by hand).

Maybe we can remove compatibility mode from Eigen 3.3 but create a special Eigen 2.0 page in the wiki which describes where to get Eigen 2.0 source and steps how to port from Eigen 2.0 to Eigen 3.x (if necessary via first porting to Eigen 3.[0..2])


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