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On 16.01.2014 16:38, Benoit Jacob wrote:
What I don't know --- it is for current maintainers to tell --- is how much
maintainance cost is incurred by Eigen3's compatibility modes. If it were
significant, it could make sense to remove these modes from Eigen trunk and
communicate in the documentation that these modes are only available up to
version e.g. 3.2 and therefore people porting from Eigen 2 are invited to
first port to Eigen 3.2 before moving on to newer Eigen versions.

I think for pure maintenance the cost is neglectable. Problems might be bigger refactorings like the new expression evaluation (but that's mostly a question Gael should answer).

If Eigen 2 documentation or other mentions on the website are confusing
visitors, then that's a real problem that needs to be solved, but perhaps
it could be solved by big red <blink> (oh wait, we just removed support
from that html tag...) warnings, while keeping Eigen 2 available for people
who still need it.

Do we have server logs how often dox-2.0/* is requested (by non-robots)?
Independent from that, I would support hiding it or marking it somehow as outdated (maybe change the style to orange letters on red background *g*).


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