Re: [eigen] Initial implementation of tensor support

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Hi there,

1) I don't really care whether you merge the existing code now and I
contribute to Eigen master or I continue working on it on my own fork
first and it's merged once you think it's ready enough. (Now that we've
established that you do intend to merge it at some point. ;-)) It all
depends on what kind of workflow you prefer. I just need to know.

Alright, so it seems we reached a general consensus on importing this
Tensor module into unsupported/Eigen/CXX11/Tensor. Feel free to send a pull
request when you feel ready to merge.

I also added you write privilege to the repository, but better do a
pull-request for the merge.

Fantastic, thanks!

I'll make sure the changes in this thread are included (i.e. move to
CXX11/) and I also have some smaller things I added locally - I'll send
that pull request in the next few days. Just a short question, since I'm
mainly used to github: Am I correct in assuming that you mean for me to
push my branch to bitbucket and then send a pull request via the web

On my side, I'll do my best to make progress on bug 99. It should
considerably simply the integration of our expression template engine to

Ok, great, then I'll wait and see what happens in Eigen Core, and once
you're (mostly) done with the refactoring, I'll adapt the new engine for
the tensor module. In the mean time, I could probably think about
TensorMap (esp. considering strides), which should be largely orthogonal
to what you're doing, as well as write some document which could be the
basis for a discussion on the API design for those parts which don't
already exist in the existing core.

Thanks again!


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