Re: [eigen] Initial implementation of tensor support

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>> If no Eigen core developers chime in or they do not want to include the
>> tensor code in unsupported/, I encourage you to pull the tensor code out
> I'm not against including tensors in unsupported. Most important however 
> I think is that someone keeps maintaining them (even though it's called 
> 'unsupported'). It would be a pity, if tensors stopped working because 
> they rely on internal Eigen-stuff which might change in the future.

As I said in the initial thread: I didn't just plan to dump the code
here and leave, I am willing to maintain tensor support in the
foreseeable future. (Obviously, I can't promise anything for the distant
future, but that's life.) If it does make into Eigen's unsupported/,
then I will continue working on it and making it more useful for more
generic applications. First goal would probably be to construct
expression templates so that assignments, binary operations (+, -) and
scalar multiplication work. (Which means basically just copying and
adjusting Eigen's current logic for matrices/vectors.)


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