Re: [eigen] Initial implementation of tensor support

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Dear all again,

Anyway: I think a tensor class itself might really be useful for quite
a few people [...] and I do want to continue working on that in the
future [...] and wanted to ask
whether you'd consider including this in Eigen.

Now that I've come back from a longer vacation, I'd like to ask
whether the core Eigen developers would be interested in adding
this to Eigen's unsupported/? Not necessarily right now, if you
say this should mature a bit more before it's officially added;
I'm fine with that. However, I'd like to know about any generic
objections before I invest more time.  (For example, if even in
unsupported/,  C++98 support was considered a requirement, then
there would be no point in improving the current implementation
since it already contains all I need for myself so far.)


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