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> Actually, this is one of the reasons I suggested using a #define to
> enable Eigen's C++11 features.  If one must manually define
> EIGEN_ENABLE_CXX11, it will remove the risk that a project begins using
> C++11 features without realizing it.
> Another issue is that some compiler versions claim to support C++11
> through their __cplusplus macro, but do not support all C++11 features.
>  I'm sure you can find ways to deal with this, but it is something to
> consider.

I do like this notion as often compilers support a good chunk of C++11
but don't advertise it in __cplusplus.  So, maybe,
  #if __cplusplus >= 201103L || defined(EIGEN_ENABLE_CXX11)
  # ifndef EIGEN_ENABLE_CXX11
  #   define EIGEN_ENABLE_CXX11
  # endif
whereafter guards in Eigen or application code use #ifdef
EIGEN_ENABLE_CXX11 for features requiring the newer language.

That lets (a) C++11 stuff just work under new-enough compilers and (b)
folks with older compiler who swear they're okay can #define
EIGEN_ENABLE_CXX11 themselves at their own risk.

- Rhys

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