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Our project is in progress, but we have to finish our work this friday.
We would like to have advice about our work :

There are three steps in our algorithm
- Divide : implementation of the division and fusion
- Deflation : during the fusion, we have to compute the SVD of a matrix M as big as the input matrix. The deflation step transforms M in order to apply the third step - Special SVD : do a SVD on the transformed M matrix (and only works on this one). this SVD is much faster than others SVD.

The divide step is finished but works only on matrix defined with dynamic rows and columns, and we are currently debugging the two others steps. Also we are afraid that our code may be hard to read, so we would appreciate if you could check it (mainly the Divide and Deflation parts) and tell us what you think of it.

Here are the links to our work: https://bitbucket.org/gl27/eigen

Best regards,
Team GL27
Gauthier Brun, Nicolas Carre, Jean Ceccato, Pierre Zoppitelli

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