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Il 13/05/2013 13:01, Claas H. Koehler ha scritto:
> Is there a reason, why the Parameters struct is defined inside the Levenberg-Marquardt class? This
> definition prohibits assignments of the form

Nope, indeed. I'll make this change. Actually i wanted to do it right
now, but i've stumbled upon some c++ nightmare trying to put Parameters
in the LevenbergMarquardtSpace : it compiles fine until i try to write a
test for it.

> template<class FF>
> Parameters& operator=(const LevenbergMarquardt<FF, Scalar>& other);

This i'm not really sure. Why do you need this ? If you want to assign a
Parameter from a LevenbergMarquardt, just do
     param1 = lm.param2;

If you meant operator= between Parameters, this is already provided by
c++ as there are only int/Scalar members.


Thomas Capricelli <orzel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

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