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On 07.05.2013 15:23, Gael Guennebaud wrote:
We already have to many of such flags for that a library that claims
to be easy to use!

I don't think it would affect the easy-to-use-ness. But I agree that we should not exaggerate with flags.

Another possibility would be to check for unity every time the object is

that's what I suggested.

Yes, indeed. Sorry I missed that.

Perhaps a reasonable solution would be to ignore mutating accessors
and use a relatively high tolerance to only detect clearly
pathological cases. That would probably be enough to detect 90% of the
bad uses.

I agree that's a good compromise. E.g. the squared norm of uniform [0,1]^3 distributed vectors only lays within [1-1/16, 1+1/16] with probability ~10%. We still need to decide whether we want the tolerance to be customizable (via another flag) or hard-code a magic number and what the (default) value should be.


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