[eigen] Rotations and unit vectors

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I've just spent some considerable time debugging a unit test of mine and started seriously questioning myself until I found out that I created a random transformation via

Eigen::AngleAxis<double> rotation(random_angle, Vector3d::Random());

It turned out that this rotation is not norm preserving - well my fault since I initialized it the wrong way. ;)

I am just wondering whether we should add run-time asserts to classes which require unit vectors as inputs. If I remember correctly this also applies to the Quaternion class.

So far, I would add this assert to

a) AngleAxis<double>(const Scalar& angle, const MatrixBase<Derived>& axis)
b) Quaternion(const Scalar& w, const Scalar& x, const Scalar& y, const Scalar& z)

Maybe even AngleAxis(const MatrixBase<Derived>& m) deserves a test. I am not sure what happens, when anything but a rotation matrix is passed to the class.


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