[eigen] Eigen AVX support - first steps

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I have pushed some code to the eigen-avx repository at bitbucket.

a) All the additions reside in the AVX folder, along with altivec, neon and SSE. I have split up the single and double precision code into two files as one file was getting too big.

b) The integer code has been removed as AVX does not have int support. Once real numbers are done, we can move on to complex number support.

c) I had a few questions about some of the intrinsic functions, I have written them in the questions.txt file. in the AVX folder.

d) So far, I have just migrated the intrinsic functions from SSE over to AVX. All my changes are so far limited to the AVX folder in the arch folder. I have not run any tests and this code is not hooked up to the rest of the eigen code base as yet. The reduction functions have been tested separately, so they should be fine.

e) I have made no attempt for micro-optimization so far. Once this works we can move to optimization.

f) Code review welcome. :)


Rohit Garg


Graduate Student
Applied and Engineering Physics
Cornell University

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