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The following notice went out over NA Digest today.  I'm not sure if
any other updates beyond the license change are relevant for Eigen's
entry, but at least the license should be changed.  Someone in the
know mind taking a look?

- Rhys

From: Jack Dongarra <dongarra@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 9 Apr 2013 02:28:32 -0400
Subject: Updating LA Software Survey

We are planning to update the survey of freely available software for
the solution of linear algebra problems. The “draft” version of the
survey can be found at:


The aim is to put in “one place” links to the source code that is
freely available for solving problems in numerical linear algebra,
specifically dense, sparse direct and iterative systems and sparse
iterative eigenvalue problems.  Please send dongarra@xxxxxxxxxxxx
updates and corrections. We will post a note on the na-digest when the
new list is available.

Jack Dongarra and Mark Gates

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