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On 03.03.2013 01:09, Rohit Garg wrote:
I can work on the PacketMath functions for AVX if there are other
developers more familiar with Eigen's internals who would be OK with
helping me integrate this. Sadly, I do not know as much about Eigen's

I'm afraid it is not too trivial, mostly because AVX supports packages twice as large as SSE and there are some parts of Eigen where the packet size is hard-coded. There has been the idea of meta-packages some time ago (i.e. put more values in a package than fit in a register). On the one hand this would help implementing expressions involving casts (e.g. from float to double) and it would make AVX-integration "almost trivial".

internals as I should. Since AVX does not have integer operations, I

That's quite a drawback (if packet integer operations are required in an algorithm) since switching between AVX and SSE is quite costly.


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