Re: [eigen] Eigen 3.2-beta1 ??

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On Fri, 22 Feb 2013, Gael Guennebaud wrote:

I know that none of the major features initially planed for 3.2 are
here (evaluators, indexed sub-matrices, AVX) but 1) it has been 8
months since 3.1, and 2) the devel branch already contains many new
cool and very useful features that, from my point of view, justify a
new release of Eigen.

I agree with preparing a 3.2 release now.

How confident are we about fixing the interface for the Ref<> class? It seems pretty solid, but it would be a shame if we discover in the run-up to 3.3 that the need to be backward compatible is holding us back somehow. Perhaps it's safer to declare the interface not completely fixed yet?

I started going slowly through the list of open bugs. There are still quite some left, though a lot are in fact enhancement requests.

What is the plan with all the bits for supporting the transition from Eigen2? While it's not much of a burden, at some point we should get rid of it.


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