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I suggest that Eigen should have add-on pacakges or sub-packages, that depend on the core linear algebra and perhaps depend on other add-ons. Each sub-package could have its own development team. That way, there could be two sub-packages that do the same thing. Perhaps one was an original version and another was someone else's extension of the original vision. In some cases, it might not be clear which is the 'best way to go' and, at least for a while, both sub-pacages could be maintained.

On 12/08/2012 05:15 PM, Koldo Ramirez wrote:
Hello all

I think that Eigen should include a good  non-linear support. Why not ???. Better if based in Thomas work based on Mr Moré and colleagues old-and-reliable MINPACK work. Is there a better implementation???

And it is great if Gäel has improved Eigen interface with it. I will update all the code to the latest interface.

Of course I fully support all Thomas and Gäel job. This is a non sense discussion.

Best regards

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