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I noticed a lot of huge changes on the LM stuff, and i'm worried.

1) i'm the original author and i haven't heard about this before it was
2) i couldn't see any discussion about it on the mailing list neither
3) I disagree with the changes
    * there's code duplication
    * the move LevenbergMarquardt -> LevenbergMarquardtLegacy breaks
heavily existing code
    * MPL headers were added to those files, which is wrong, they are
under another licence (MINPACK). This is especially bad as i'm
mentionned as the author, i dont back those changes
4) I disagree with the way it was done : the new files are commited as a
whole in one commit. This is really not great, because you can not see
the modification done to the original files. You need to do it by hand.
Mercurial was not used to do the copy.
An ideal way would have been to first commit the 'hg cp xx yy' stuff,
then apply your changes (which are a lot), ideally in small chunks.

well..i really have a bad feeling about this.


Thomas Capricelli <orzel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

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