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Hi Benoit,

Thank you for this notice!  Indeed, we've already known about Eigen relicensing  and asked our legal service about possibility to relicense our contributions.
Unfortunately, It usually takes some time for such decisions. We will inform you as soon as get confirmation.


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Hello Konstantin,

As you may know if you have followed the Eigen project recently, we have relicensed to the MPL2 license:

In doing so, we have contacted every contributor who had at least 3 changesets in the tree. Indeed, contacting absolutely every contributor was a lot of work, and we had to pick an arbitrary limit to our effort to contact contributors. Unfortunately, as you only have
2 changesets in the tree, we haven't contacted you yet. Further analysis has found that your contributions are important enough that we really need to get your agreement. Could you please say whether you agree to the MPL2 relicensing of your Eigen contributions?

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