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On 23.09.2012 15:24, Gael Guennebaud wrote:
thank you Christoph and Karli, that makes perfect sense. So I thought
the solution would simply to put the "internal" base classes into
their own namespace. That worked for some expressions, but not for

How about putting the math-functions into their own namespace? And why are they required at all? I remember once users were required to specify ei_sin, etc if they had custom scalar types and this changed to internal::sin (no pun intended) in Eigen 3. However, I think it would make much more sense to make them declare that in the namespace of their class (or in std:: or global, if they prefer) and this seems to be sufficient at the moment. Or is it to prevent users from calling sin on integer arrays? I would say this goes into the category "shot yourself in the foot" and does not necessarily need to be prohibited by Eigen. Btw: what should happen if I call sin for a rational number class?

If you can't/don't want to remove the internal::sin function then you could provide a function Eigen::sin(const Eigen::EigenBase<Derived>&); which statically asserts that Derived is an Array-Expression. In general, hoping that a namespace is hidden does not seem a good way to prohibit function calls. After all, the user should always be allowed to declare using Eigen::internal; without producing illegal code.

all. Typically if a template class Expr<Func> defined in namespace A
is instantiated with a class defined in internal then, all the generic
functions of internal become readily available for the class Expr.


Did anyone be aware of such a rule? It does not make sense to me, and
looks rather dangerous.

Well, the biggest problem with ADL is that hardly anyone really knows completely what it does ... As said above, I would never rely on functions in other namespaces not being visible.


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