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this page links to several ressources for developers:

In particular, there is a few coding rules there:

Eigen's repository is not open for writing, so the best is open an
entry in our bug tracker for feature you start working on, and upload
patches there that we can review and push once it is ready.

This page will guide you for producing the patches using mercurial:

Regarding openmp support for sparse products, I have some local
changes doing so. However, on modern computers with NUMA, to achieve
good speedup, the data should ideally be split and copied into the
right memory location prior to the matrix products. This of course
only makes sense when a given matrix is used several times, so
typically for iterative solvers. It is not clear to me yet how to
design such a behavior though.

Regarding, "a broader range of interfaces to external linear solver
packages", could you be more specific about the libs you have in mind?


On Wed, Sep 19, 2012 at 9:21 PM, Cowing-Zitron, Christopher
<ccowingzitron@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hello,
> My name is Chris Cowing-Zitron. I work in bioninformatics at the University
> of California, San Diego. I'd like to contribute to the development of
> Eigen; a few of my ideas are adding openmp support for sparse products,
> adding a broader range of interfaces to external linear solver packages, and
> possibly adding basic data transfer support from Fortran via the map class.
> I do have two concerns though: Eigen uses such powerful C++ metaprogramming
> methods that I'm worried I might inadvertently mess something up (though of
> course I wouldn't submit any code until I was sure it compiled correctly),
> and also I don't want anyone to have to clean up my code to fit Eigen design
> and style standards. Is there any resource that I've missed that describes
> the standards for submission to Eigen? Or perhaps an archived email from the
> lists that covers this question? Thanks for your help, and thanks for Eigen.
> -- Chris

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