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On 21.09.2012 19:05, Norman Goldstein wrote:
-- What was it about the Eigen class designs that made it convenient to
restrict Ref to innerStride==1?
Would it be a major development to remove this restriction? (convenient
for transposing and even/odd

It's only much more efficient at runtime. If you don't mind that, you can allow dynamic inner stride this way:
	Ref<MatrixXf,0,Stride<> >

Read this for details:

I'm not sure if the current implementation would allow passing a transposed matrix to that yet (I guess not).

-- Is there a signature for incr() that would allow me to pass in the
MatrixXd directly, without first
converting it to a Ref in main():
   Ref< MatrixXd > sub( mat );
   incr( sub );

void incr( Ref< MatrixXd > matV );

and in C++11 it should also be possible to use an l-value reference:
void incr( Ref< MatrixXd >&& matV )

-- Are the two expressions
   Ref< MatrixXd > sub = mat;
   Ref< MatrixXd > sub( mat );
supposed to be equavalent?  I think that a compiler is allowed to
interpret the
first one as a default constructor followed by an assignment operator.

No, for a class A
	A a = b; // not allowed if constructor is explicit ...
	A a(b);
call the constructor, and
	A a; a = b;
calls the default constructor and then the assignment operator.
Ref does not have a default constructor so the second interpretation would not even be possible. Of course, there is (almost?) always a rule that the compiler can interpret things differently, if the outcome is the same.


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