[eigen] Eigen 3.1.1 and LGPL components

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I had a question about the LGPL components of Eigen 3.1.1 -

Looking at the remaining LGPL code in Eigen, it all appears to use the
LGPL 2.1 or later version of the LGPL.  Yet, the toplevel copy of the
LGPL (well, OK, GPL + LGPL, thanks to that dual-file approach to the
new version) is LGPL v3.

For my purposes, the LGPLv2+ is a workable license, but the LGPLv3 is
not (long story...)  - is the intent of the Eigen licensing to
constrain users of the LGPL components of Eigen to the LGPLv3 or
newer?  Or (now that the MPL2 relicensing is complete and the
remaining LGPL code is LGPLv2+) would it be acceptable to regard the
LGPL components of Eigen as being distributed as LGPLv2+?

I'm really hoping that the LGPLv3 license files in the toplevel are a
holdover from pre-MPL2 days and LGPLv2+ will be workable, since there
don't seem to be any LGPLv3 specific constraints other than the
decision of the Eigen developers themselves...


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