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On 28.08.2012 17:06, Billy Araujo wrote:
Blaze looks nice and easy to use but I will continue to use Eigen since the
data compression aspect is very important to me.

I have read some things about expression templates and would like to apply
this to a pde solver using Eigen as base math library. My problem is how to
vectorize for example:

ddt(T) + div(T) = 0

What exactly do you want to vectorize here? The calculation of either of the addends, or the solution of the resulting system? (I.e. is T a know or unknown vector/matrix) And actually, expression templates and vectorization are two rather different concepts.

instead of creating two matrices. But the operations inside the matrix
creation is complex. Depends on numerical method, stencil, etc.

Is anyone working on something similar?

Have you checked OpenFOAM:
(I didn't, I just did some quick googleing)


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