[eigen] Eigen and Precompiled Headers?

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Hi Gang:

I was trying to speedup the compilation of my Eigen programs with
precompiled headers.  There is a brief discussion about this topic
at http://stackoverflow.com/questions/58841/precompiled-headers-with-gcc
Has anyone been successful with an approach like this?  I can precompile
the headers, but when I am compiling my program it rejects them (I see
the dreaded x as in the discussion above).  Please let me know.  Thanks

Rodney Sparapani, PhD  Center for Patient Care and Outcomes Research
Sr. Biostatistician               http://www.mcw.edu/pcor
4 wheels good, 2 wheels better!   Medical College of Wisconsin (MCW)
WWLD?:  What Would Lombardi Do?   Milwaukee, WI, USA

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