[eigen] Map/Block equivalence and vectorization

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Dear list,

I have some questions regarding the following snippet:

ArrayXXf arr(100, 100);
Block<ArrayXXf> blk(arr, 1, 0, 99, 100);
Map<ArrayXXf> map(arr.data()+1, 99, 100); // needs Aligned?

1) Is using Block and Map completely equivalent?
2) Will operations on both be vectorized, even though the first
element is not aligned? That is, will Eigen perform scalar
calculations on the first 3 elements of map/blk and vectorize the
3) What happens if Map is passed a completely odd adress, such as
((char*) arr.data()) + 1, will it break or simply never vectorize?
4) Does Map<ArrayXXf, Aligned> mean aligned to float or to 4 floats?

Thanks for your time,

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