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On 02.07.2012 19:53, Cassanova, Bill wrote:
I am seeking a better understand of Eigen's parallelism logic....

-           My understanding is that Eigen "Knows" and understands
OpenMP..I believe I read somewhere that enabling OpenMP is simply a
matter of including -fopenmp on the compile line...Is this really all
there is to it?

Yes, Eigen basically just checks whether openmp is enabled (and EIGEN_DONT_PARALLELIZE is not defined):

-          To what degree does the code get auto-magically
transformed into an OpenMP directive?   For example...In the code

As of now, only matrix-matrix product and PartialPivLU profit from multithreading (see same link).

-          Are there any plans for the future to incorporate not only
OpenMP but also some MPI implementation?

I don't know, but I don't think anyone is working on it right now.

-          Are there plans for Eigen to use some form of GPU

Same here.

Example Code -----------------------

Your code hardly uses any Eigen instructions. It uses Eigen mostly just for data holding which, I guess, can't profit from parallelization much. Of course Eigen will not prevent you from parallizing these parts yourself, but it won't automatically parallize your code.


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