Re: [eigen] Serious conflict between Dynamic and -1 in Diagonal<>

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> So introducing a new token seems to be less impacting
> solution. Moreover, I just thought about another argument: I think
> that except in Diagonal<>, Dynamic is only used to refer to a runtime
> *size* (positive), while here we are talking about a runtime *index*
> (positive or negative). If that's true, it's not chocking to introduce
> a DynamicIndex token.
> Does 'DynamicIndex' sound a good name to you?

Eh.. that makes the legacy "Dynamic" effectively "DynamicSize" and it
seems that you'd have to introduce some concept checking to ensure
folks didn't use Diagonal<Expression,DynamicSize>.  Not sure how you'd
accomplish that cleanly since DynamicSize is signed and DynamicIndex
has to be signed.

- Rhys

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