[eigen] Re: MPL2 is really compatible with GPL/LGPL

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2012/6/29 Gervase Markham <gerv@xxxxxxxxxxx>:
> On 28/06/12 22:11, Benoit Jacob wrote:
>> The MPL itself doesn't ever mention the GPL, LGPL, or any other
>> licenses.
> Other than this already-corrected mistake, everything that Benoit says
> in his email is entirely correct.
> Having read the context email, I would suggest that switching Eigen to
> straight MPL 2-only is a perfectly reasonable thing to do, and should
> not cause LGPL or GPL projects using Eigen any difficulties. (MPL 2 is
> designed to allow that sort of use.)

Thanks for the confirmation! And sorry I got that point wrong in my first email.


> Gerv

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