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Sorry for top post from my phone.

My definition of portable is I think quite wide libatomic-ops is portable to every target of gcc >4.1

Because it is used for static initialisation of static members

It is a pretty safe fallback, and it is used even in embeded world because bohem garbage collect use it, and bohem garbage is used by free java.


Le 15 juin 2012 14:15, "Gael Guennebaud" <gael.guennebaud@xxxxxxxxx> a écrit :


yes I already had a look at a few atomic libs, including atomic-ops,
but we don't have the same definition of portable. So clearly some
architectures/systems will require a manual initialization.
Nevertheless, we could still enable atomic ops for the few systems for
which we are sure about the results:

Windows-x86-MSVC -> _InterlockedCompareExchange intrinsic
Linux/windows-x86-ICC-GCC -> __sync_val_compare_and_swap intrinsic.

That probably already cover 95% of the use cases, so why not. I
already have a version doing so.

Using C++11 atomics is dangerous because currently the compilers
defines __cplusplus >= 201103L even though they don't support all
c++11 features. For instance, atomic are supported by clang only from
the 3.1 version. So in addition to checking for __cplusplus >=
201103L, we also have to check the compiler name and version, and
that's how the nightmare starts...


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>>>> If you want ...

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