Re: [eigen] Eigen 3.1.0-rc2 released!

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Hi Gael,

> you expected a final, 3.1 but I annone a second release candidate
> which is due to a few late warning and minor bug fixes.

x86_64 Ubuntu 10.04: Looks mostly good on GCC 4.5.1, Intel 11.1, and
Intel 12.0.0.

Within 'make check' I see periodic gmres_1 failures.  E.g.
   ./unsupported/test/gmres_1 s1340385327
will always fail with
   gmres_1: /h2/rhys/Build/eigen/Eigen/src/Core/Assign.h:513: Derived&
Eigen::DenseBase<OtherDerived>&) [with OtherDerived =
Eigen::Matrix<double, -0x00000000000000001, 1>, Derived =
Eigen::Block<Eigen::Block<Eigen::Matrix<double, -0x00000000000000001,
-0x00000000000000001>, -0x00000000000000001, 1, true, true>,
-0x00000000000000001, 1, false, true>]: Assertion `rows() ==
other.rows() && cols() == other.cols()' failed.
This problem is consistent across all three compilers.  Thoughts?

I know the test is in unsupported.  I mention it because it may
concern someone that 'make check' shows failures.

- Rhys

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