[eigen] Eclipse CDT not identifying specialized functions for Eigen types

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I am trying to import a C++11 project into eclipse. The code builds
from an existing Makefile and it works all right. I have been able to
make Eclipse use the existing makefile and this[1] also helped with
getting C++11 support going in eclipse. I am using the eigen library
and the include paths for it are set, and eclipse is able to recognize
the types of eigen objects.

Eclipse is not able to recognize the all the types and functions from
header files included recursively.

The former represents itself as


and Eclipse will claim that method c could not be resolved. Here a is
a struct and b is an eigen type. The types of a and b are recognized
correctly. Here b is a Vector2i and c() is the function y() that is
available on Vector2i

The latter problem is that I have a bunch of header files that I need
to include in a lot of places, so I made a common header file that
includes them and now I just include the common header file
everywhere. Now eclipse is complaining that functions declarations in
individual header files are not not resolved. If I include the header
files individually, then eclipse is OK, but I really don't want to do

I am using CDT for the first time so any ideas on how (or which)
eclipse settings to check/fix  would be nice.

  [1]: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/9131763/eclipse-cdt-c11-c0x-support

Rohit Garg


Graduate Student
Applied and Engineering Physics
Cornell University

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