Re: [eigen] Parameters in Levenberg Marquard algorithm of wrong type?

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Hi Thomas and Tim!

Thanks for the quick reply.

I see your point to store temporaries, which pass information from one loop to the next at class scope. However this is not the case for
- gnorm
- temp1, temp2 and temp
- ratio
- pnorm
- fnorm1
- actred
- dirder
- prered

As far as performance is concerned, I am not sure whether making these scalars local would incur a measurable performance penalty, especially in light of the fact that the temporary vectors wa1 and wa2 are re-allocated on every call of lmpar2 (by the way why?).

As far as gnorm and ratio are concerned, you might argue that they could provide information to the user during runtime, so they may be useful as class members. I am not sure, whether the same argument holds for any other variable above (they are all private and inaccessible to the user).

One more thought on gnorm and fnorm: I suggest making them private and accessible via a public read-only function. This is in my opinion especially important for fnorm, which --if modified by the user-- might really jeopardize the iteration.


On 20/03/12 21:35, orzel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

They way the class is used is to do something along
     while (...) {

That is, the loop is handled 'from outside'. To do this, you need the
class to store all temporaries


On 20/03/2012 19:47, Tim Holy wrote:
Hi Claas,

On Tuesday, March 20, 2012 07:19:31 am Claas H. Köhler wrote:
- Is there a reason why all local temporary variables (e.g temp, temp1,
pnorm...) are defined as class members, instead of defining locally
where needed?
I don't know specifically for this case, but in general it's for cases where
you call the same algorithm many times in one program. If you put them in the
class, you only have to allocate the storage once, when you first construct the
solver. If they are local to the function, you have to allocate them each time
the function is called. In many cases, that's a major overhead and
significantly hurts performance.


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