Re: [eigen] buildtests fail with gcc, icc, suncc and mingw (3.0.4/Debian/amd64)

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> > * how do I disable all non-standard features if I only want to use
> >  C++98 code, compatible in theory with any C++98 compiler (or C++03
> >  to be exact) ?
> The only non-standard features we are using are to control the
> alignment of small objects that you can disable using
> EIGEN_DONT_ALIGN_STATICALLY, in which case you also lost vectorization
> for small fixed-size objects. Then we also use some compiler dependent
> directives to improve inlining. Besides, our code should be C++03
> compliant. Do you have something particular in mind regarding non
> standard features?

I have nothing in mind, I thought the compiler problems I experienced
were due to some non-standard code written with gcc/msvc in mind.

I expected sunCC to be a standard-compliant C++03 compiler, and I
thought that if Eigen could be reduced to this standard, there was no
reason why Eigen couldn't be compiled in sunCC. But I have not much
experience with sunCC and I didn't analyze the reasons of the
Eigen/sunCC clash.

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