Re: [eigen] buildtests fail with gcc, icc, suncc and mingw (3.0.4/Debian/amd64)

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> It seems that the compilation flags of the blas interface are not
> properly configured by cmake for your system, what's the cmake
> version?

$ cmake --version
cmake version 2.8.2

> Nevertheless, this blas interface is not needed for using Eigen, since
> Eigen is a header only library. You can still compile and run the main
> tests as follow:
> cd test; make; ctest

Thanks for the hint.
Now the tests succeed with gcc 4.3.5 and icc 12.0.4.

Cross-compilation with mingw first failed because cmake incorrectly
detected gsl on my system (gsl is not available to the cross-compiler).
I removed gsl and the compilation went further, then failed on trying
to link with QtCore. Due to the very long compilation time, I did not
retry after removing libqt from my system.

The compilation still fails with suncc 5.11. Fatal errors arise from
the first file: 
line 220: Error: Could not find a match for Eigen::DenseBase<Eigen::Derived>::segment(Eigen::internal::traits<Eigen::internal::T>::Index).

The logs are attached.

And I also tried to compile and test the 3.0 version with gcc-4.3
(a bug reported on this combination triggered by test campaign),
without problem.

So, it seems that I overreacted, and the problems I reported in my
first mail are essentialy cmake config problems. A few questions

* has anyone tried to test Eigen with the Sun compiler? and succeeded?
* how do I disable all non-standard features if I only want to use
  C++98 code, compatible in theory with any C++98 compiler (or C++03
  to be exact) ?
* [minor] the "-rdynamic" option inserted by cmake is not understood
  by the mingw compiler
* [minor] unused variable ‘maxsize’ in test/array_for_matrix.cpp

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