[eigen] Eigen 3.0.3 released!

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Eigen 3.0.3 has just been released.

The source archive is at: http://bitbucket.org/eigen/eigen/get/3.0.3.tar.bz2

This release fixes Eigen2 support which was broken by the previous release and a potentially serious bug in the evaluation of certain product expressions of a rare type. There are also some more minor fixes.

Changes since 3.0.2:

* Fix compilation errors when Eigen2 support is enabled.
* Fix bug in evaluating expressions of the form
     matrix1 * matrix2 * scalar1 * scalar2.
* Fix solve using LDLT for singular matrices if solution exists.
* Fix infinite loop when computing SVD of some matrices with very
     small numbers.
* Allow user to specify pkgconfig destination.
* Several improvements to the documentation.


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