[eigen] Bugzilla 4 upgrade and news

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Hi list,

We're now running Bugzilla 4.0.2, up from 3.6.2. Moreover we now have
a proper patch review tool.

* bugzilla URL remains:

* Bugzilla 4 new features:

* Patch review: we have the Splinter extension by Owen Taylor. See the
'Splinter Review' links. double click parts of the diff to comment on
them, add an overall comment in 'overview' and finally click
'publish'. If you don't finish your review, Splinter saves your work
for later.

* New settings:
** now using email auto-completion (new bugzilla 4 feature) instead of
list-boxes to select email addresses
** bug reply text-box is now at bottow of the bug, instead of being
above existing comments (you can override that in your preferences,
new bugzilla 4 feature)
** 'Target Milestone' field is now hidden (afaik we never made
consistent use of it, instead we use tracking bugs. let me know if you


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