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On 23.09.2011 22:42, Christoph Hertzberg wrote:
class MyUberClass {
// ...
explicit MyUberClass(const double& someImportantInitialValue);

Then I would expect that
MyUberClass a = 0.0;
does not work (and it does work that way), while

Correction: (and it does _not_ work that way)

MyUberClass a(0.0);
does work. The first case would look as if MyUberClass could represent a
double, which it does not can (it just happens to need one for

Also -- maybe more important -- if I have a function which expects a
MyUberClass and I accidentally pass a double I expect that not to work.
This, I would say, is again a case I would expect to work for
Eigen::Transform/Eigen::Translation (passing a Translation to a class
which expects a Transform), because a Transform *is a* Translation.

Correction: Translation *is a* Transform


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