[eigen] Failing tests in 3.0.2 release

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Dear Eigen-developers,


I have just finished running the tests for rev. 28651b20c9ae (dating back to yesterday) of the 3.0 branch on various platforms (VC8/9/10 each with 32 and 64bit, Ubuntu + GCC 4.4..3 64bit, MacOSX + GCC 4.2.1 64bit, MacOSX + clang 3.0 64bit, all compilers in Debug and Release mode) and encountered some failing tests, on which I would like to get some feedback what to do with them (create bugs, ignore, …?):


Important Remark: All tests were compiled with -DEIGEN_TEST_NO_EXPLICIT_VECTORIZATION:INTEGER=1 !!!


Compile errors:


stddeque_1/2/4/5 could not be compiled in VC8-32 and VC9-32 due to alignment errors



Well reproducible test erros (usually appear within default 10 repetitions of the tests):


geo_quaternion_1/2/3/4:    MacOSX clang 3.0 64bit Release/Debug

eigensolver_complex_1/3/4: MacOSX + GCC 4.2.1 64bit in *Debug Mode*

nullary_2:                 MacOSX + GCC 4.2.1 64bit in *Debug Mode*


Less reproducible test errors (usually do not appear within default 10 repetitions but within e.g. 100 or 1000 repetitions):


Eigensolver_complex_4:    MacOSX GCC 4.2.1 64bit Release

geo_hyperplane_1:         clang 3.0 64bit Release/Debug, VC10 32bit Debug, VC8 64bit Debug

geo_quaternion_1:         Linux GCC 4.4.3 64bit Release/Debug

geo_quaternion_2:         Linux GCC 4.4.3 64bit Release/Debug, Mac GCC 4.2.1 64bit Release

jacobisvd_3:              MacOSX GCC 4.2.1 64bit Release

qr_colpivoting_1:         MacOSX GCC 4.2.1 64bit Release

qr_colpivoting_3:         MacOSX clang 3.0 64bit Release

qr_colpivoting_5:         Linux GCC 4.4.3 64bit Release

umeyama_5:                MacOSX GCC 4.2.1 64bit Release, VC9 64bit Debug


I guess the compile errors for VC8/9 32bit as well as the well reproducible test errors with clang and GCC Debug on Mac may be considered as bugs and I should post bugs for them? However, I am not sure about the less reproducible errors. Should I post bugs for them as well or is it to be expected that the tests may fail from time to time?


Regards, Michael

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