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Hi Gael

Return by value or parameter by value can be dealt with using forward
declaration, so only members are a problem. If you use pimpl, that issue
fades away too, so forward declarations might indeed help


On 07/19/2011 09:21 AM, Gael Guennebaud wrote:
> Hi,
> that's not so easy because I see that OpenQube headers typically
> contains functions returning Eigen::Vector3d objects by value or
> classes having Eigen's objects as members. That means the compiler has
> to know what is, e.g., a Eigen::Vector3d so I'm afraid simple forward
> declarations won't help.
> Gael
> On Mon, Jul 18, 2011 at 4:09 PM, David Lonie <loniedavid@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Hi List,
>> I'm currently integrating a library that uses Eigen vectors/matrices
>> in its API into VTK, and I have a quick question: Is it possible to
>> forward-declare Eigen::Matrix? The library (OpenQube
>> currently includes Eigen/Core in
>> it's headers, but I'd like to replace these includes with forward
>> declarations so that I wouldn't have to add Eigen as a dependency for
>> VTK.
>> I've tried doing this myself, but it looks like the last three
>> template arguments are dependent on compiler options. Is there a trick
>> to forward declaring this class?
>> Thanks,
>> Dave

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