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I wanted to do the wiki backup and update but CDash is again eating
all our disk space, we have only 60 MB left, this might be enough but
I'm not sure. the backup + the 2nd mediawiki install alongside the old
one would use about that amount of space, I think.

There are 2042 builds in the CDash database for the Eigen project,
despite our CDash config having AutoRemove Max Builds = 200. Also we
have months-old builds despite having AutoRemove Timeframe = 20 days.
Marcus, is there something we can try to make AutoRemove work? This is
CDash 1.8.2.

I tried to find a way to remove old builds while keeping newer ones
but didn't find it. Ideas? Should I just rm the whole database file?


2011/6/30 Benoit Jacob <jacob.benoit.1@xxxxxxxxx>:
> Thanks to Gradator at Tuxfamily, this is working again but the News
> extension had to be disabled for now.
> Still want to do the mediawiki update ASAP.
> Benoit
> 2011/6/30 Benoit Jacob <jacob.benoit.1@xxxxxxxxx>:
>> Hi,
>> The wiki doesn't currently work at all. This is because Tuxfamily just
>> upgraded their web servers and the new PHP version is incompatible
>> with our old version of Mediawiki. The fix is to upgrade our version
>> of Mediawiki. Tomorrow is a holiday in Canada and I'll do it then,
>> unless someone beats me to it.
>> Let me take this occasion to mention two other things I'd like to deploy soon:
>>  - bugzilla 4.2 (we currently are on 3.6)
>>  - mozilla DXR whenever it's ready. Very very promising source search
>> / crossreference tool based on LLVM.
>> Benoit
>> PS. according to tuxfamily admins, the server log says:
>> PHP Parse error:  syntax error, unexpected T_NAMESPACE, expecting
>> T_STRING in /data/web/75/91/37/eigen.tuxfamily.org/htdocs/includes/Namespace.php
>> on line 49

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