Re: [eigen] Valid use case for creating a SparseMatrix?

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> why not. We could also make it explicit by allowing Dynamic for the sizes:
> SparseMatrix<...> mat(Dynamic,Dynamic)
> // insertions
> mat.finalize();
> mat.resize(Dynamic,Dynamic);
> // insertions
> mat.finalize();

How do I resize to the actual dimensions? I mean at some point I have to
set them.
Will mat.resize(rows, cols) work?

> And one could make it Dynamic in only one dimension.
> gael
> what about a conservativeResize(rows,cols) function. You would still
> be responsible of tracking the largest "inner" index, and to call
> conservativeResize() anytime you

That sounds like a good approach to me. I just want to know whether it
is useful to others as well. I don't like to extend the API with a
feature that nobody cares about. It may even lead to misunderstandings.
But the above it should be pretty convenient.


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