Re: [eigen] Valid use case for creating a SparseMatrix?

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why not. We could also make it explicit by allowing Dynamic for the sizes:

SparseMatrix<...> mat(Dynamic,Dynamic)
// insertions

// insertions

And one could make it Dynamic in only one dimension.


what about a conservativeResize(rows,cols) function. You would still
be responsible of tracking the largest "inner" index, and to call
conservativeResize() anytime you

On Wed, Apr 6, 2011 at 3:37 PM, Jens Mueller <jens.k.mueller@xxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi,
> I know that the Sparse API isn't stable yet. I'm using it though. At the
> moment I'm filling a sparse matrix and I stumbled over a little problem
> and I'd like to know what's your view on the matter.
> When filling the matrix I do not know in advance how many cols/rows it
> contains. I know that they are sorted such that I can use the
> SparseMatrix class. Interestingly for the SparseVector I can fill it
> without knowing the number of values and without specifying the number
> of cols, rows respectively. Technically SparseMatrix could offer the
> same. I know this might be rather rare use case. In my case I need to
> get the data from a text file into Eigen but the file format doesn't
> give the dimensions of the matrix. So I first parse into std::vector to
> determine the maximal column index and then convert from there to a
> SparseMatrix in Eigen. The same holds for the number of rows.
> Usually a sparse matrix is seen as a special matrix and for a matrix you
> have to specify the dimensions when declaring it but seen from a data
> structural point of view (in this case assuming the compress row/col
> storage format) you don't have to specify the dimensions.
> SparseMatrix<double> matrix; // I do not know the dimensions here
> // filling in sorted color major here
> // this will fix the maximal indices for rows/cols
> matrix.finalize(); // sets the dimensions appropriately
> Jens

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