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To anyone potentially interesed, I would like to say that Gael is very
easy to work with and good at explaining things, so you really should
apply. Also, this is a great job to perfect your advanced C++ and
numerics skills, and the INRIA is a prestigious place to work at, so
that could look very good on your resume.


2011/3/29 Gael Guennebaud <gael.guennebaud@xxxxxxxxx>:
> Dear all,
> I'm glad to announce that INRIA (my employer -
> will fund an engineer to work full time on Eigen for two years :) I'm
> now looking for good candidates who already have some experiences in
> C++ programming and linear algebra.
> From a practical point of view, the job will take place at INRIA
> Bordeaux - France ( within the
> iparla project-team ( The candidate will
> likely be in contact with other local teams such as the robotic team
> (, and high performance computing teams
> (e.g., The job will start between
> October and December 2011.
> The job will mainly focus on sparse matrices, generic non-linear
> solvers and the likes, though the goals can be adjusted with respect
> to the candidate skills.
> For more details, please contact me at gael.guennebaud@xxxxxxxx.
> Feel free to spread this information.
> Best,
> Gael

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