Re: [eigen] Segfault in assignment of a product of dense matrix and sparse vector to a sparse vector.

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On 10.03.2011 22:22, Sergey Morozov wrote:
So, one should decide if the assignment of dense matrix and sparse vector to
sparse vector is legal or not. In both cases the fix is simple - just

     template<typename OtherDerived>
     inline SparseVector&  operator=(const MatrixBase<OtherDerived>&  other)

method. In the later case just add "Not supported" assert. We are ready to
provide the patch for both solutions.

I guess the best method to force a decision here is to file a bug ;)

My opinion would be that if an expression is dense, it should not be assignable to a sparse matrix/vector (as you said, you did this accidentally, so a compile-time error would be nice in general). For people who really want to assign dense expressions to sparse vectors a conversion method could be provided.


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