[eigen] ViennaCL 1.1.1 with Eigen interface released

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Dear Eigen users,

as posted on this list a few of weeks ago, the latest ViennaCL 1.1.1 release now provides an out-of-the-box interface for Eigen. Small source examples are available here:

The first snippet shows the initialization of ViennaCL objects with data from Eigen objects, the second snippet shows that the iterative solvers from ViennaCL can directly be used with sparse matrices from Eigen. By now, the preconditioners shipped with ViennaCL cannot be used directly with Eigen matrices, but a wrapper is scheduled for the next release.

As suggested by Benoit, feel free to grab some of the ViennaCL sources and include it in your library. Our MIT license should not pose any troubles. :-) Any other suggestions are always welcome.

Best regards,

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