Re: [eigen] Cross-referencing Eigen and ViennaCL for iterative solvers?

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Hi Benoit,

Why stop here? :-) If ViennaCL provides high performance Sparse
solvers, then such
"use-viennacl-as-backend-for-sparse-solvers-in-eigen" code could be
added to Eigen's own sparse solvers module; also, I see on your
website that you also do level 3 BLAS operations using OpenCL, this
sounds interesting to me, we should then consider offering an optional
back-end using viennacl also for dense matrix products.

Sure, adding even a copy of the full ViennaCL tree to Eigen is an option. We just should be careful with keeping the code in sync, such that eventual code changes are applied to both source trees.

Such experimental stuff can be initially developed under unsupported/
and move to Eigen/ when it's ready. The Sparse solvers stuff is
intended to move to Eigen/ in the 3.1 release.

The next ViennaCL release will include the Eigen interfacing then. I don't expect any particular problems, since iterative solvers essentially require matrix-vector and vector-vector products only. I'll let you know as soon as it is released (which should be the case in a couple of days already)

I also note that ViennaCL is headers-only like Eigen, which makes it a
good canditate for us to collaborate with, since if eventually it
became the best solution for us to leverage GPUs, we could import a
copy into our own tree.

Feel free to evaluate that with the next ViennaCL release :-)

Best regards,

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