Re: [eigen] internal::BandMatrix and internal::TridiagonalMatrix

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2011/2/19 Rhys Ulerich <rhys.ulerich@xxxxxxxxx>:
> Should I read something into the fact that both BandMatrix and
> TriadiagonalMatrix appear under eigen::internal rather than eigen?
> Are these less-than-mature interfaces/implementations?

These classes have been moved to internal because we weren't quite
comfortable making a full API stability guarantee about them.

Initially I thought that we would use them ourselves in
SVD/SelfAdjointEigenSolver classes, but as it turns out, we don't even
have a use for them. Since we also haven't received much input about
them, and there are very nontrivial design choices involved there, it
felt like a better idea to avoid freezing their API.


> Thanks,
> Rhys

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