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This is great progress.  kdl is building with one line change. 

The lack of the SVD functions are what I'm seeing the most failing in my tests.  For example

To trigger our regression tests go to this page  It requires a account.

If you select unstable from the drop down, and enter "geometry" for the stack name and your email, I have set it up to pull the latest eigen from hg and run all our released code against it with Level 10 Eigen2 support. 

The results will be emailed to you, but you can also see the results by browsing here  and clicking on the prerelease_unstable_geometry_*  jobs. 

In the console ouput you can find packages which failed to build by searching for "fail]"

I believe all the failures in that build right now are EIgen releated.  I cannot confirm the chomp one with quick inspection. 


On Tue, Jan 25, 2011 at 8:24 AM, Benoit Jacob <jacob.benoit.1@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
another update:

* The following modules are completed: Core, Array, LU, Geometry, and
the QR decomposition part of the QR module
* remains to do (none of that is big): eigendecompositions (was in the
QR module in eigen2), SVD, LeastSquares, Cholesky, Sparse, StdVector.
* help welcome with those. Nothing hard remains to do, just go over
test build failures (cmake -DEIGEN_TEST_EIGEN2=ON) and fix them.

Tully, do you want me to prioritize what you're most interested in?

To test, define EIGEN2_SUPPORT_STAGE10_FULL_EIGEN2_API and try to
recompile your whole eigen2-based project.


2011/1/24 Benoit Jacob <jacob.benoit.1@xxxxxxxxx>:
> Another update:
> The biggest remaining chunk was the Geometry module, as it is replete
> with hard API incompatibilities. I've solved this by importing a copy
> of Eigen2's Geometry module. So the RESOLVE_API_CONFLICTS stage
> becomes really, really useful here.
> By tomorrow, stuff should be mostly finished, except for the Sparse module.
> Benoit
> 2011/1/23 Benoit Jacob <jacob.benoit.1@xxxxxxxxx>:
>> A little update:
>> the stage 2, RESOLVE_API_CONFLICTS, is now producing errors instead of
>> warnings, to help make sure that these very important issues are
>> caught.
>> a new stage "1.5" has been introduced, doing what stage 2 used to do
>> (produce warnings). it's called RESOLVE_API_CONFLICTS_WARN.
>> So i've multiplied all the constants by 10 to make room. The stages
>> currently are:
>> On the implementation front, almost all the core functionality is
>> passing, but the 'triangular' test, covering things such as part(),
>> took me longer than anticipated. I still hope that by tomorrow I
>> should be almost done.
>> Benoit
>> 2011/1/21 Benoit Jacob <jacob.benoit.1@xxxxxxxxx>:
>>> Hi,
>>> As you may know, we are in the process of making the transition from
>>> eigen2 to 3 as easy as possible by making the EIGEN2_SUPPORT mode
>>> fully Eigen2 API compatible.
>>> However, as was discussed, there are a few corner cases where this is
>>> impossible, because eigen2 and 3 use different conventions for the
>>> same API.
>>> So it's been suggested to split EIGEN2_SUPPORT into multiple 'stages',
>>> and I have just dmplemented that.
>>> First of all, if you are currently doing #define EIGEN2_SUPPORT, don't
>>> worry: it stays supported, nothing changes. It just becomes a shortcut
>>> for what I'll call below "stage 3"
>>> So here are the different stages:
>>> When you #define this before including Eigen3 headers, you get 100%
>>> support of the Eigen2 API (once ongoing work is completed), so that
>>> Eigen2-using code compiles unchanged.
>>> That means that when a convention is different between eigen2 and
>>> eigen3, the eigen2 convention is used. For example, for complex
>>> vectors x and y,  conjugates y (dot product linear in the
>>> first variable x).
>>> For such cases where the eigen2 and eigen3 APIs conflict, we introduce
>>> eigen2_ prefixed functions, so you can replace
>>> by
>>>  x.eigen2_dot(y)
>>> This is identical to stage 1 except that the eigen2 API that conflicts
>>> with eigen3 is now deprecated. So when you do
>>> you get a 'deprecated' warning even though that would also compile in
>>> pure eigen3 (but with a different meaning). At this stage, you should
>>> go over these warnings and fix them by using eigen2_ prefixed
>>> functions:
>>>  x.eigen2_dot(y)
>>> This is what you get when you just #define EIGEN_SUPPORT.
>>> This stage switches to eigen3 conventions everywhere. So now
>>> is linear in the first variable. You may still use eigen2_ prefixed
>>> functions, and of course the rest of the Eigen2 API is still available
>>> unchanged.
>>> Also, where Eigen2 allows to do const-incorrect things (such as
>>> mapping const data as non-const Map), this stage still allows it.
>>> This stage enables eigen3 strictness where eigen2 was laxist. In
>>> particular, it enforces const-correctness of Map.
>>> Notice that making the EIGEN2_SUPPORT_STAGE1_FULL_EIGEN2_API mode 100%
>>> API compatible is work in progress. I am still in the process of
>>> making the eigen2 test suite succeed. I'd say it should be completed
>>> during this weekend.
>>> Of course, I expect most small projects to just us EIGEN2_SUPPORT
>>> (which, again, is giving you stage 3) and not worry about this at all.
>>> Of course, this needs to be explained in the online 'porting from
>>> eigen 2 to eigen3' dox page.
>>> Benoit

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